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    Total Care Cleaning & Restoration is a professional cleaning & restoration company that offers both commercial and residential services. Our team is dedicated to providing our customers with the best experience possible. We take extra care to ensure your home is treated as if it were our own. Our technicians have been trained in all aspects of the cleaning and restoration industries, from manufacturing to cleaning. We stand behind our work and will do everything we can to make sure you are satisfied with the results.

    DIY Area Rug Cleaning Mistakes

    Over the years, your home has collected a relatively large number of area rugs, and you like the way that they add to your home’s style and look. However, you’ve also rarely cleaned them and need to consider doing so now. An area rug cleaning in Marion, Iowa is a relatively inexpensive process but should be done with professionals, as DIY cleaning may cause issues that can damage your home’s style.

    So if you own a large number of area rugs and you want to keep them in great shape, you should seriously consider the benefits of professional cleaning. These experts will help you avoid the most common issues that plague these rugs and will work hard to ensure that your carpets are durable, safe from frays, and in great shape for the upcoming few years. You’ll be glad you made this investment.

    Fading Colors Mistakes

    Cleaning area rugs requires you to take the time to apply a multitude of cleaning solutions, each of which is quite potent if you aren’t careful with their application. As a result, you could quickly end up with fading colors on your rugs that make your home less attractive. Thankfully, area rug cleaning can help here by minimizing the amount of cleaner that is used on your carpets.

    For example, professionals best understand how much cleaner is essential for your rugs and will adjust their application method to ensure that you get the best results. Then, they will find a cleaning machine that works best for your needs and will utilize it in a way that doesn’t cause damage to your area rugs, but instead only cleans their fibers in a simple, clean, and effective manner.

    Fringes and Frays Mistakes

    DIY rug cleaning might seem relatively simple but is often a great way to cause fringes and frays. For example, you may scrub your rug too vigorously and make the fibers come loose in the carpet. Once free, fibers are likely to unravel or, at the very least slowly, remain a fray that will spread throughout the surface of your rug and cause other complications.

    Professionals understand these risks and will minimize them by using only the appropriate amount of force when cleaning your rugs. For example, they’ll use area rug cleaning tools that break apart stains, wash your fibers, and dry them as efficiently as possible. Just as importantly, they’ll avoid adding too much pressure on the fringes and frays of your rugs to keep them secure for years to come.

    Decreasing Rug Size Mistakes

    Area rugs are very carefully woven and typically come in a multitude of sizes. However, these sizes may change over the years if contaminants like water and certain types of cleaners end up in their fibers. For example, DIY area cleaning may be complicated if you use inappropriate cleaning solutions on your carpets, solutions that either damage the fibers or cause them to wear down in a way that speeds up their natural wearing process.

    Unfortunately, this can cause your rug to shrink in size by triggering damage throughout its fibers. This problem typically occurs if you aren’t careful and don’t take the time to repair your rug or clean damaged fibers properly. However, poor DIY cleaning can complicate it even further and make it necessary to contact professionals not only for better cleaning but to fix the mistakes that you trigger.

    Curling and Rippling Textures Mistakes

    While the edges of your carpet fibers are the spots most likely to be damaged by poor DIY cleaning, the rest of the rug can be just as damaged. For example, you may add excessive water to some regions of the carpet and cause the fibers to swell up. When this happens, extreme temperatures – both hot and cold – could cause damage to the area rug that makes it less attractive.

    This damage typically manifests itself as curling and rippling throughout the surface of the carpet. Simply put, rugs with this problem will have waves through their fibers that look unattractive and which will slowly get worse as your rugs ages. Thankfully, professional cleaning avoids this problem by adding just enough water to your rugs to keep them secure without causing water swelling or other issues that may plague your carpets.

    Bleeding Colors Mistakes

    The colors of your area rugs should be reasonably consistent throughout the years, even if you rarely clean them. These fabrics may fade slightly in the sun or under other types of weathering damage but should remain strong without regular maintenance. However, poor DIY area rug cleaning can not only cause the colors to fade, as mentioned earlier but could cause bleeding colors.

    Color bleeding is almost worse than fading because at least a faded rug maintains the same essential shade. A bleeding carpet will mix the various fabric colors to create a blend that is often quite unattractive. In this situation, your home’s style is not only likely to be destroyed, but the carpet as well. Unfortunately, you’re likely going to have to get rid of the rug due to this excessive damage.

    Our Experts Will Keep Your Carpets Looking Their Best

    As you can see, professional rug cleaning help is an excellent choice for many reasons. First of all, you can avoid the kind of damage that makes your area rugs less attractive and sturdy. Secondly, you can keep them strong enough to last for years and avoid replacing them sooner than you should have to. Lastly, you can have the peace of mind knowing that your rugs are clean and won’t cause any allergic reactions through mold or dust.

    So if you live in Marion, Iowa and you need area rug cleaning experts who you can trust, please don’t hesitate to contact us at Total Care Cleaning & Restoration to learn more about this process. Our professionals have years of experience serving people like you and will work hard to ensure that your rug is in great shape and that you don’t spend too much money while cleaning.

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