Cat Owner Should Have A Carpet Cleaner on Speed Dial. Here’s Why

Cat owners often have a hard time keeping their carpets from various types of damage. Thankfully, a high-quality carpet cleaner in Iowa City, Marion, Hiawatha, Cedar Rapids, Robins, Swisher, and North Liberty, Iowa can help to manage this problem. So any cat owners in these towns or the surrounding areas need to make sure that they have a cleaner on speed dial. At Total Care Cleaning & Restoration, we understand this type of damage and can help you manage it in ways that other cleaners in the area cannot.

Prevent “Play” Damage

Cats are very playful creatures and love to bat at any loose string that they find. Unfortunately, this means that they may play with stray carpet lines and cause them to come loose. And some cats may even use a carpet as a scratchpad. Unless you want to get your cat declawed – which many homeowners now consider a cruel act – you’re going to need to get help to manage this situation.

How can a carpet cleaner help prevent this kind of damage? By cleaning areas that may attract a cat’s nose and directing them towards another spot in the house. Just as importantly, cleaning experts can also often repair many types of damage and keep a carpet clean and robust. This process is one that will take a little time to master, but which is often an easy one for most homeowners to fully understand, if given a chance.

Just as importantly, a good cleaner can also show homeowners how to keep their cat from playing with a carpet’s fibers. These steps include giving them a scratching post, redirecting them to other activities, or installing carpet guards. All of these steps help to keep a rug protected from the prying claws of a cat and ensure that it remains secure and clean for years to come. However, there are many other ways a cleaner can help here.

Clean Cat Hair and Dander

Cats are beautiful creatures but are among the hairiest pets you can find in a house. Unfortunately, this means that a cat may end up creating a large amount of dander and fur in a home. When these items go airborne, they can cause a multitude of problems. Even worse, carpet has a bad tendency to absorb them and allow mold and other items to grow, unimpeded, throughout a home in a dangerous way.

Therefore, it is critical to take the time to manage this problem and to ensure that a home doesn’t experience any issues. Thankfully, a high-quality carpet cleaner can help with this process and ensure that a homeowner doesn’t have too much dander in a home. They will use vacuums and other cleaning tools to eliminate this hair buildup and will protect your carpets from serious problems for years, as long as you continue to get your carpet cleaned.

Just as importantly, these experts can give you tips on how to minimize the spread of hair and dander across the surface of your carpet. These methods include regularly brushing your cat, using sticky pads to remove loose hair, and regular vacuuming. Follow these methods to ensure that your feline friend is happy and to keep your carpet as clean as possible. And call professionals when all else fails and you need a little help.

Eliminate Cat “Mistakes”

Although cats are nowhere near as prone to the kind of “mistakes” that dogs perform, there are still times when a cat may “go” outside of their litter box. For example, if an owner doesn’t clean out their box and it is a little too dirty, a cat may use the carpet instead. This problem varies depending on the personality of the cat, as many are much like dogs and avoid this whenever possible.

However, other cats are a bit more vindictive and will go on the floor to annoy their owner. For example, some cats don’t like being left alone for too long and will use the carpet as a way to get back at their owner. Whatever the cause, cat urine and fecal matter can absorb into a carpet’s fibers and cause real problems with its structure and other areas that may be hard to predict or manage without the help of a professional.

Thankfully, a high-quality carpet cleaner can help in this situation. These experts fully understand how to spot areas where your cat has “gone” that you may have missed. Then, they will apply various cleaning methods to ensure that they remain as strong as possible. These steps all help a cat owner avoid serious complications and make them proud of their little furry buddy for years to come.

Take Care of Airborne Issues

Lastly, you may need a carpet cleaner if you notice that the quality of your air has declined since you purchased a cat. This problem often occurs due to the reasons mentioned above – dander, loose carpet fibers, and fecal matter may all go airborne off of a carpet and cause breathing problems and other difficulties that can be very hard for some owners to tolerate, particularly if they have allergies or other breathing problems.

For example, those with allergies may end up experiencing severe attacks that require hospital visits to manage. And even those who are not allergic to cat fecal matter may find the idea of breathing it disgusting. Therefore, a cleaner can help. They will come to a home, inspect the dirtiest areas of a carpet, and will eliminate this problem and help to keep a home’s air as clean as possible.

How often should a cleaner come to a home to manage its carpets? That all depends on a variety of factors. First of all, some homeowners may only need occasional cleaning to get good results. Others may need sustained efforts to keep a carpet clean and a home’s air quality high. So don’t hesitate to consider monthly or even weekly cleanings if your carpets are dirty enough for it.

Get Cleaning Help Today

As you can see, cat owners can’t let their favorite felines take over their homes. Doing so only allows them to spread their debris and cause issues that require professional help. Thankfully, the best carpet cleaner Iowa City, Marion, Hiawatha, Cedar Rapids, Robins, Swisher, and North Liberty, Iowa have to offer can help. At Total Care Cleaning & Restoration, we have years of experience working with homes like yours. And we’ll do what we can to ensure that your carpets are protected and your home is safe from cat-related issues.

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