How Carpet Cleaning Benefits Dog Owners

Owning dogs is an advantageous situation but requires a lot of patience. Even the smartest dog takes time to learn basic tricks and skills, such as going to the bathroom when and where it is appropriate. Until they learn, they’ll struggle to not go in the house. Thankfully, the best carpet cleaner in Iowa City, Cedar Rapids, and North Liberty, Iowa can get your home clean of puppy waste and ensure that they don’t keep going in your home.                  

Dogs May Go in a House                       

Training dogs takes a lot of time because they are, no matter how cute or sweet, still wild animals. Thankfully, dogs are brilliant and should have the ability to adjust to various demands and lessons. Most importantly, they want to please their owners by doing what they want. Dogs have an instinct towards human friendship that makes training a little easier to handle.       

Unfortunately, dogs often take a few months to get fully adjusted to this training period. While they instinctively want to go into areas where they don’t spend a lot of time, they may end up going into the house in out-of-the-way areas. And many dogs – attracted by the smell of the urine and fecal matter in your bathroom – may end up going in there. Unfortunately, this waste can be dangerous.                       

While urine and fecal matter may come out of your pup without any bacteria on them, that quickly changes. Many types of bacteria love waste and feast on it heavily. As a result, any residue waste from your pup may quickly attract these problematic creatures and make your home unsafe. Therefore, you need to take the time to work with a carpet cleaner. If not, you’ll see your dogs go more and more often inside where they shouldn’t.      

Dogs May Instinctively Keep Going in the House                       

When you’re raising dogs, and you have multiple pups, you’re going to run into a potentially problematic situation that could make your carpets smell bad for yours. Simply put, a single mistake on the floor could trigger a variety of problems with a dog’s ability to go outside. Once a dog goes once on a carpet, they have a terrible tendency to continue going there because they smell their old urine.                       

While you may have soaked up the urine with a paper towel and no longer smell it on your carpet, your dog has a much stronger nose than you. As a result, it will still detect the remnants of the urine long after you don’t anymore. And the other dogs in your home will also smell it, which can cause them to associate that area of the house with going to the bathroom. As a result, they’ll continually go in that spot.                   

Even if you place a pad in the house and train the dog to use it, they may still have a hard time not going elsewhere throughout the house. It’s hard to get mad at the dog in this situation – they are merely following their instincts, which can often countervent their years of training. This behavior may upset the dog as much as you because they know that they aren’t supposed to go in the house. Thankfully, a carpet cleaner can help.                       

Cleaning Helps Avoid This Problem                      

The problems continually caused by your dogs peeing on the carpet can be easily avoided by getting a carpet cleaner to help you out here. When you keep your carpet clean, you eliminate the kind of scent buildup that can be so distracting to you and so upsetting for your pups. Remember: they don’t want to go into the house because they are trained not to do so. However, if they have to go and can’t get outside, they will find a place that smells right.       

With regular carpet cleaning, you eliminate this risk by keeping your rugs as clean as possible and reduce the risk of poor dog behavior. Your dogs won’t smell the stench of urine in your home and will no longer associate it with going to the bathroom. As a result, they’ll be more likely to avoid problematic potty behaviors and will work harder to get outside to go instead.   

So, you need to clean your carpet as soon as possible to prevent this problem. Though you no doubt know that simply scrubbing the carpet is no longer good enough to help with this issue, you should probably avoid trying to do intensive cleaning on your own. DIY cleaning is a situation that might seem reasonable for many, but it can be an issue if done improperly.       

Professional Help is Wise                     

Though you may think that you can rent or buy a professional carpet cleaner from a nearby shop, you should probably contact a professional to get the help that you need. Though carpet cleaning is by no means a difficult or challenging task for most to handle, the fact that there are many possible mistakes to be made limits the usefulness of DIY care. And the quality is typically lower if you don’t get expert care.                       

For example, you may rent a cleaner and find that you don’t understand how to apply the soap at a rate that is beneficial for your carpet. You may also utilize the cleaner improperly and cause other complications that may be hard to predict. These include the possibility of scrubbing the carpet too hard and causing frays that may be hard to manage without the help of professionals.   

As a result, you should hire an expert cleaner who understands the nature of your carpets and your rugs to ensure that things go smoothly. Most professionals will have a variety of techniques available that help to produce a positive result. Often, these include hand cleaning and detailed scrubbing that breaks apart stains and keeps your carpet as durable and stain-resistant as possible for years to come.                       

Does Your Dog-Friendly Home Need a Cleaner Carpet?                       

As you can see, the best carpet cleaner Iowa City, Cedar Rapids, or North Liberty, Iowa has to offer provides you with the help that you need to keep your carpets and home as clean as possible. So if you want this kind of service from a professional who you can trust, please don’t hesitate to contact us at Total Care Cleaning & Restoration today to learn more. Our experts have years of experience and are ready to serve you with the highest-quality care that you can afford.

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