Tips for Keeping Your Home’s Upholstery Clean

The upholstery in your home helps to provide style and brace that make your house more engaging and beautiful in many ways. However, you may need the help of an upholstery cleaner in Iowa City, Iowa to provide you with the necessary support to keep them free of dust, dirt, and other types of stains. Taking these steps should help to provide you with the required protection that these items require to avoid permanent stains or other issues that could affect the overall value of your upholstery.

Don’t Be Afraid to Dust

When you’re trying to keep your upholstery clean, you shouldn’t ignore the benefits of regularly dusting your home. Though it may seem like it wouldn’t have that big of an effect, dusting your upholstery can help to make it cleaner and avoid surface-level stains that can be hard to get rid of without other types of care, such as cleaning the surface with various types of upholstery cleaner products.

For example, you can use a duster to break apart the dust on the surface of your upholstery and keep it clean. Some even take out their upholstery and hit them lightly with a stick. This step helps to break apart the dust that may absorb into the material. When trying this step, make sure that you are careful with how hard you hit the upholstery to ensure that you don’t cause any damage to them.

Critically, you should also use various types of anti-dust sprays or sealants that can quickly go on top of your upholstery. These items are very simple to keep secure and protected and often don’t require much more than an occasional – say, once a month – application to keep them clean. Talk to your upholstery provider to learn more about how these items can keep your home free of problematic dust.

Don’t Be Afraid to Vacuum

Most people take a look at their upholstery and decide that a vacuum isn’t the right choice for keeping it clean. That isn’t necessarily the case! Often, a vacuum can provide a considerable cleaning benefit that makes regular upholstery cleaner appointments unnecessary. That’s because many of these cleaners come with an upholstery brush attachment that helps to make your vacuum suitable for this purpose.

These attachments go on the hose of your vacuum and allow you to do spot-cleaning of the surface without causing damage. That’s because this head carefully adjusts the strength of your vacuum and focuses in a way that doesn’t create too much of a pull on your upholstery. However, they can still eliminate stray dust, dirt, and other health problems that may build up on the surface of your upholstery.

Often, this step is the best one to take after you dust because there will be a large amount of stray dust or dirt floating in the area. Use the attachment to suck up any dirt you may see floating in the air or sitting on the surface of your upholstery. Doing so will ensure that you can thoroughly clean up every area of your upholstery and get the protection necessary to keep it as secure and protected as possible for your needs.

Try Out a Few Upholstery Covers

Here’s a smart trick that many upholstery cleaner experts use at their home – covers for their upholstery items. Typically, these covers should go over areas that are often the most exposed to dirt and dust. For example, you can place small decorative items over the top of your upholstery and adjust it so that some of the sides of the upholstery are exposed. Doing so helps to enhance the style of your upholstery and protects a majority of it from dirt and dust.

Then, about once a week or so, you can take that protective cover off of your upholstery and shake it outside of your home. Doing so should break apart most of the dirt and dust that it has trapped. Then, you can soak it in water and wring it out to get rid of any more. Let it air-dry for an hour until it is fully dry. Then, you can place it back on top of your upholstery. Adjust the sides, again, so that it looks centered and as if it was never picked up at all.

When you do this, you should clean the surface of the upholstery, as well, to ensure that it is safe and protected. Usually, all you need to do here is wipe it down with a slightly damp washcloth. The cover should keep most dust and dirt away, but a small amount may work its way under the cover. By wiping down your upholstery in this way, you ensure that it is as protected and clean as possible.

Call a Professional Cleaner

If these steps don’t seem to do much to keep your upholstery clean or if you need help, please don’t hesitate to contact a professional upholstery cleaner right away. Doing so is a good choice if your upholstery seems to be getting stained, no matter what you do. It is also a good step if you find that you cannot handle the steps necessary for keeping these items clean and free of dirt and dust.

These experts will start by gauging what is causing your upholstery to become dirty, such as dust or exposure to various elements. Then, they will make sure to thoroughly clean their surface in a way that eliminates dust and dirt. Often, they need to go through more detailed cleaning steps, first, to make sure that they can get rid of the rest of the elements that may affect a home’s safety and integrity.

Just as importantly, these experts can come to your home when you need maintenance and keep them secure and protected. Regular upholstery maintenance can ensure that you don’t have to worry about related issues that could countervent the quality of your upholstery. For example, tears and rips can quickly spread and allow dirt and dust to soak into your upholstery surface and cause severe damage.

Get the Cleaning That You Need

So if you think that an upholstery cleaner in Iowa City, Iowa would be beneficial for your home, please don’t hesitate to contact us at Total Care Cleaning & Restoration right away to learn more. Our professionals work hard to ensure that your upholstery is cleaned and can provide regular maintenance to ensure that they don’t run into any troubles. We can either come to your home and provide cleaning or might be able to clean your items in our shop if that is what they need to be protected.

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