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    Total Care Cleaning & Restoration is a professional cleaning & restoration company that offers both commercial and residential services. Our team is dedicated to providing our customers with the best experience possible. We take extra care to ensure your home is treated as if it were our own. Our technicians have been trained in all aspects of the cleaning and restoration industries, from manufacturing to cleaning. We stand behind our work and will do everything we can to make sure you are satisfied with the results.

    Varying Degrees of Water Damage

    Water damage restoration is a process that might seem like it would be relatively simple and straightforward. That’s not always the case. Damage in your Hiawatha, Iowa home will often vary depending on what type of water damage you experience. In most cases, the water type varies depending on the type of contaminants in the water and their concentration, particularly the water level reach.

    So if you need water damage restoration in your house, it is critical to take the time to assess what type you are experiencing. This process typically requires knowing where the water originated and the materials that may or may not be in the water. No matter what type of water damage affecting your house, though, you can expect to need restoration to keep your home safe.

    Not a Major Problem

    When water damage occurs in your home, you typically want it to be clean damage. Clean water is a type that doesn’t have a lot of contaminants in it, such as mud or various kinds of microbes, and is the least damaging type of water. However, that doesn’t mean that clean water is something that you want in your house – this type of damage can still be a real problem if you aren’t careful.

    Where does clean water originate? Typically, clean water occurs when a pipe or appliance in your home bursts, and the intake water ends up flowing throughout your house. The intake pipe should contain high levels of clean water that has very little – if any – contamination. Water leaving your home, such as that from a flushed toilet or runoff from a shower, is typically not clean.

    Other sources of clean water include falling rain coming through a leak in your home or through the sides of your windows or doors. Water damage restoration of this type of water is often the simplest and easiest to handle because you won’t have to go through complicated steps and cleaning up the contaminants. However, you’ll still need to properly fix it.

    A Worse Issue

    Although clean water is not a minor problem, gray water is a worse issue. Gray water is that type that is slightly contaminated and which may cause more issues for your home and worse damage. For example, water that has sat for a while in one place is typically considered gray because of its potential for developing bacteria and other contaminants that could cause issues with your home.

    Water that has overflowed from an appliance is often considered gray, as well, because of its likely source of further contamination. An overflowed toilet, for instance, is usually regarded as gray. A washing machine overflowing is also considered gray because of the high concentration of chemical cleaners. Lastly, leaking pipes taking water out of your home are almost always gray or even worse.

    Unfortunately, this contamination can cause many complications. Areas damaged by gray water are typically unsafe to visit until they’ve been cleaned, sanitized, and restored. Even worse, this type of damage can be more severe because of the contaminants. In some cases, you may end up having to either repair or replace significant portions of the area, instead of merely drying them out.

    Therefore, you need to get stronger and more efficient water damage restoration methods to ensure that your home is protected. Typically, this process will require talking to a professional who fully understands the issue and who can take the time to provide high-quality repairs. Just as importantly, you need to invest a little more money in maintenance to keep your home safe.

    A Major Concern

    Black water is the most problematic of all three water types and will contain a large number of contaminants that can cause significant issues. Thankfully, black water is also the least common type of damage – with gray probably being the most common – and is something that few homeowners will ever have to experience. However, you still need to understand it in case black water affects you. A failure to take this type of damage seriously could result in ramifications to the quality of your house and its overall safety.

    This type of water damage occurs when natural disasters occur in your area or if your sewer backs up in your home. For example, a severe flood would bring river water, which will contain a large concentration of contaminants, in your home. These items will include various types of chemicals, bacteria, potentially mold, and much more. As they spread through your house, they’ll cause damage that can be hard to control without serious help. You won’t be able to repair this type of damage on your own either, unfortunately, because it will be too severe and dangerous to handle without professional assistance.

    Unfortunately, water damage restoration of this type will require very extensive repairs, cleaning, and sanitation that can take days or longer to finish. You’re likely to lose many of the items contaminated by this water and may need to replace significant portions of your home’s construction. However, professional help can ensure that the costs are as low as possible.

    Professionals Are There When You Need Them

    As you can see, water damage varies heavily based on the type of water that flows through your home and causes damage. This situation often varies depending on the concentration of the water in your home and how quickly you clean up the damage. Simply put, you want to minimize how much water damage is in your home and get it cleaned up promptly and efficiently. Failure to do so could cause further complications that are best left avoided.

    So if you need water damage restoration for your home or business in Hiawatha, Iowa and you want the best results that money can buy, make sure to contact us at Total Care Cleaning & Restoration to ensure you are satisfied. Our professionals work hard with all of our clients to make sure that they are get great work and also strive to provide friendly and encouraging service at the same time.

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